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Fail with consequence.Lose with eloquence and smile.

We tend to forget we're all the same

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Like I said,you make your choices and you live with them.And in the end you are those choices.-Battlestar Galactica:Razor.

I am clair-de-lune13.aka girl from nowhere.aka the land of Santa Claus.Who believes in:life after death.God.Democrats.honesty-that is dead.pretty movies and even prettier actors.kick-ass shows.Battlestar Galactica is love.and that chocolate is the best thing on earth.friends.Jane Austen.snowhites.CJ Cregg being inspirational.books.shopping.old age.my mother.Narnia.Mystery wardrobes.Witty humor.greek mythology is fascinating.Xena.live and let live.stars.Dido.dreams.cute celebrity nicknames.writing.stupid pictures.family parties.Aeryn Sun.best cousins in the world.that scifi is underrated.Starbuck lives.paparazzies are not real.Miss Parker.UST is almost as good as RST.Nokia.Coffee.Great movies.Even greater love stories.Snow Patrol.that life is like a series of never ending fandoms.without dreams there is no life.ever.

TV.now.back in the day.way way back then.
Battlestar Galactica.Spooks.Grey's Anatomy.Xena:Warrior Princess.
30 Rock.Stargate SG-1.Firefly.Friday Night Lights.The Pretender.Friends.Lost.
Farscape.The West Wing.Chuck.Gossip Girl.Sports Night.
How I met your Mother.House M.D.

Pirates of the Caribbean.Pride and Prejudice.Lord of the Rings.Love Actually.Moulin Rouge!.The Painted Veil.The Chronicles of Narnia.Junebug.Little Miss Sunshine.Memoirs of a geisha.Constant Gardener.Children of Dune.Bend it like Beckham.The Devil wears Prada.Charlotte Gray.Titanic.North&South.

I am not nice.I will not apologize for my strengths.My flaws are my defining quality.

I used to be snowhite-but I drifted.-Mae West.

Well behaved women rarely make history.-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

This is my personal real life close friends journal.Extremely friends only.So maybe one day I'll open a journal for the single purpose of meeting lovely and new people,but it won't be for a while.

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